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Strategic Alliances

APW President Systems  has several technology partnerships with companies that are well established / leaders in their respective lines of business.  These alliances enable us to offer our customers not just a range of enclosure products, but also several other value-added products,  solutions and services which extend our range significantly.

Avocent Corporation


APW President is a value-added distributor for Avocent Corporation in India. Avocent delivers a common interface to manage physical and virtual IT infrastructure, making it easy to ensure uninterrupted availability of resources. Avocent solutions make it possible to control local and remote servers, network devices, security appliances, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from a single console. With more than 25 years of experience, Avocent has grown through product innovations, global expansion, and strategic acquisitions to become the pre-eminent name in its industry.


nlyteAPW President has a strategic partnership with nlyte Software Ltd (formerly Global DataCenter Management – GDCM) has a strategic partnership to supply nlyte®, a data centre management software products, in India and the Middle East region. nlyte® empowers data centre professionals to simplify data center operations, improve service delivery, mitigate risk, reduce costs and offer a demonstrable ROI.

Unite Technologies Ltd. UK

uniteAPW President has a strategic partnership with Unite Technologies Ltd, a market leader in data centre integration technology, to distribute its data center monitoring and management solutions in India and the Middle East Region. Unite Technologies was formed in 2007 through the merger of two established British companies, Comrac Ltd and Sinetica Corporation Ltd. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and management of monitoring, control and reporting systems for data centers and  cabinets in computer rooms. With 25 years of experience, Unite Technologies is considered to be the UK’s  leading IT Systems integrator for the data center and network infrastructure industries.

Austin Hughes

austinAPW President is a value-added distributor for Austin Hughes Electronics Ltd., a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of LCD keyboard and KVM drawers, switches and power management tools.

Vette Corp

vetteAPW President has entered into a partnership with the US-based Vette Corp, a leading global provider of thermal management solutions. The partnership is intended to distribute a range of advanced thermal management solutions from Vette to meet the growing demands of data center facilities in India.

Vette’s family of data center liquid cooling products and services help mitigate problems associated with high inlet air temperatures that can cause equipment downtime or premature failure. Vette’s LiquiCool solutions help clients deal with cooling infrastructure that is stretched beyond its limits and allows operators to fully populate individual racks with positive results and dramatic cost savings.

Technology Connection

technology-connectionsAPW President has entered into a business agreement with the US-based Technology Connection, a leading provider of innovative approaches to solving high-density data center infrastructure challenges. The agreement is intended to distribute a range of advanced thermal management solutions from Technology Connection to meet the rising demands of data center customers in India.

The FlowLogix system from Technology Connection is an innovative combination of CFD modeling, airflow management and professional services to manage the airflow in mission critical data centers and distribute it to the heat load. In all cases this is accomplished without the installation of any additional computer room air conditioners (CRACs).