BFSI Branch and ATM Infrastructure

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Branch and ATM infrastructure are very critical for a BFSI organization as it directly affects services rendered to their customers. Branches operate in normal business hours plus may or may not have an IT person available onsite, hence may face challenges incase of infrastructure break down. If IT person is available he might have limited skill set to troubleshoot issues on his own and may require collaborating with seniors. Another practice followed is outsourcing of Branch IT Infrastructure Management to FMS vendors however it not only proves costly but also poses security risks.

Key challenges faced in maintaining a Branch and ATM infrastructure are
• Limited or No onsite IT personnel
• Infrastructure downtime leads to transactional and financial losses
• Outsourcing costly and pose security risks
• Security and Audit requirements
• Centralized Management

BFSI Datacenters commonly span server racks, buildings, and even continents.

Avocent consolidates data center management into a single, unified platform to reduce the complexity and make this IT infrastructure management more efficient and reliable with 24/7 availability.

Branch | ATM Management

On-site employees are often tasked with keeping the systems secure, updated and in compliance with corporate IT policies, but they often have limited IT training. Dealing with complex issues can require costly outsourcing and cause delays that lead to infrastructure downtime.

As BFSI business expands, so does the IT environment – and each new component adds complexity while increasing the risk of failure. Remote office equipment is often a hybrid of servers, PCs and routers combined with location-specific devices such as terminals and mobile computers all sharing one common trait and challenge – your business depends on them always being available.

With Avocent remote office solutions, gain comprehensive, remote, BIOS-level access to and control over every networked device in the remote office – as if an administrator were sitting in front of the device. United by centralized management software, Avocent remote office appliances provide complete remote device control so one can manage your remote offices-without leaving-to ensure remote offices and their data centers stay up and running 24/7, whether they have on-site IT personnel or not.