BFSI Primary Datacenter

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Typical IT infrastructure in BFSI includes Primary Datacenter, Disaster Recovery Site, Branch IT Infrastructure, Telco infrastructure & ATM infrastructure.

Key challenges faced in maintaining this robust infrastructure are
• Centralized Management of all locations
• Security and Audit requirements
• Scalability and future proofing
• Consolidation of Physical and virtual setup
• Compliances to industry standards
• Control and Manage Power for optimization
• IT Workforce Resource Management

BFSI Datacenters commonly span server racks, buildings, and even continents.

Avocent consolidates data center management into a single, unified platform to reduce the complexity and make this IT infrastructure management more efficient and reliable with 24/7 availability.

Centralized Management

The DSView® 3 management software platform provides secure, remote and consolidated out-of-band management of the entire IT infrastructure. DSView 3 software enables you to use a single interface to ensure the data center is continuously up and running by controlling DSR® KVM over IP switches, console management appliances, power distribution units, and IPMI-enabled servers.

GUI Console over IP

DSR® KVM over IP switches provide multiple digital paths to remotely access out-of-band devices and remotely power cycle connected devices. Managed with the DSView® 3 software, DSR KVM switches enable BIOS-level control of servers and serial equipment anytime, anywhere.

CLI Console over IP

Avocent advanced console servers provide secure, remote access to IT devices and console port management for UNIX- and Windows-based servers.

Power management and control

DSView® 3 software’s IP power management enables out-of-band remote management of Avocent power control devices, Server Technology Switched CDU products, and power management of IPMI-enabled servers – offering a proactive approach to power management that helps eliminate downtime caused by power issues.

Service Processor Consolidation

Avocent server management solutions help enterprises leverage service processor technologies in any of their servers, no matter the server vendor. This provides proactive server monitoring and maintenance to reduce operation costs and speed troubleshooting and problem resolution. Avocent’s solutions save staff time by enabling companies to capitalize on existing service processor resources to manage expanding IT environments.