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Javed Ahmad

Senior Vice President – GSC India Operations

Mr. Javed Ahmad is a MBA from Rhode Island university in USA class of 1991. Javed Ahmad joined American Power Conversion in US in 1991 and later got transferred to India in 1999 when APC started its India operations.

He spearheaded growth of ITBU Manufacturing and supply chain operations in India from 1999 to 2013 from one factory with 50 employees to currently 8 facilities and nearly 2700 staff, with a present day levels of COGS of 350 Million Euros.

His current role Senior Vice President for GSC India, Middle East & Africa Operations. Javed has been guiding force for behind growth and all around improvement in GSC India.

Shares in the Company –

He is a Member of the Finance Committee of the Company.

Mr. Javed Ahmad does not hold any shares in the Company.