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Shareholder’s Feedback

Subject: apwpresident – bangalore visit
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 05:14:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: gr sharma <>


Respected Chairman Mr. EA ELIAS 07-07-05/Thu

My family members have purchased some shares of our company at a very high rate based on some market recommendations and there after it has declined by 20%. So there was a lot of worry.

Then I have gone through your website and I must confess that it is one of the best websites that any one could come across. I was very convinced that the company is doing good work but got perplexed that when the Stock Markets are historical highs, why this share is under performing. I had a slight worry that am I imagining the company to be more than what it may really be.

Yesterday I had been to Bangalore on a personal work and also went to our factory in Athibele. I am delighted to see such a nice set-up. Even though such large number of people are carrying on the work at full swing, the entire premises are maintained spic and span and more impressingly there is no noise at all as we come across in other industrial enterprises. Mr Srinivasulu Naidu, Vice-President, was very warm in receiving me and explained in details with lot of patience about the operations that are going on there. It was very educative to know the things from a man of such knowledge and experience.

Above all what impressed me most and what is prompting me to send this mail is the Inauguration Stone that greets at the entrance of the newly expanded premises which has commenced on 4th Mar’05. Normally a celebrity or politician or high official or the promoters inaugurate the new ventures and put their names in prominence. BUT YOU HAVE GOT IT INAUGURATED BY MR. NAIDU who is a core official. I THINK THIS IS VERY UNIQUE AND UNHEARD OF. It speaks very high about the equality and togetherness that you are giving to your senior/key colleagues. I deeply appreciate your gesture and wish more such novel approaches will take the organisation to greater heights.

With Best Wishes

mobile: 98400 – 24665