Enclosure Solutions

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Floor Standing Cabinets

President offers a wide range of enclosures for server  and network equipment housing. These are innovative designs that combine aluminum profiles and CRCA panels with higher load-bearing capacity and fine styling. This results not only in low weight and an elegant appearance but also permits quick assembly, as they can be shipped as completely knocked […]
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Thermal Solution

With miniaturization and technology advances, IT equipment has gone through revolutionary changes. In the older generation of tower servers, the need for heat dissipation was minimal, and not a serious issue. A present-day Blade Chassis can pack 14 to 16 blades in a most compact space of maximum 14U. With this level of compaction, power […]
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Dedicated Cabling Open Frame

Managing data cabling – particularly cable performance – has become critical today, as demand for bandwidth keeps escalating. This is where structured cabling design becomes significant. Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful Intelligent Building Network and the base on which all other network equipment depends. A structured cabling system refers to all of […]
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Wall Mount Cabinets

President offers a versatile range of Wall Mount enclosures to suit small secured network requirements. Wall Mounts are the ideal solution in areas where floor space is a limitation. Typical networking equipments such as routers, switches, patch panels, etc. are well suited for these mounting arrangements.
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Telecom Cabinets

President offers a full line of enclosures and cabinets for telecom applications. Built to protect equipment in both indoor and outdoor applications, telecom enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet current application needs and allow for future expansion. Customization to match specific project requirements is also undertaken.
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President Systems are loaded with high performance accessories. A wide range of highly engineered accessories catering from Shelf’s to Cable management, to suit specific application needs. Electronic and Electrical are perfectly integrated to enhance the safety and security in enclosures.
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