Cable Management

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A wide range of cable control accessories ensure that the CAT5 cabling / OFC installation meets EIA / TIA-568-A standards. These accessories prevent deterioration of data transmission performance over time. Using these accessories speeds up cable dressing during installation and maintenance.

Accessories Visual

Cabling Bobbins
Semi-circular cabling bobbins can be used to guide, support and store cables. The bobbins can be fitted either directly to the vertical reducing channels or onto the panel mounting support angles.

Cable Retention Bobbins
Cable retention bobbins have been designed to be used with the 800mm wide Cyberack and Netserver cabinets. They are fitted onto reducing cable channels.

These bobbins hold the cables along the reducing cable channels and control the cables bend radii when they are taken across on to the horizontal cable management panels.

The maximum number of cable retention bobbins that can be fitted onto a pair of reducing cable channels is as follows:

36U/37U/38U                      42U/44U/45U
16                                                18

Window Moulding
Window mouldings  are fitted on to reducing cable channels used with 800mm wide cabinets. They clip into the apertures in the reducing cable channels providing a smooth curved edge through which cables can be passed.

Window mouldings can be used along with the cable retention bobbins. They can be fitted to both the front and rear of each aperture in the reducing cable channel if desired. The maximum number of window mouldings that can be fitted onto a pair of reducing cable channels is as follows :

36U/37U/38U                      42U/44U/45U 
14                                                16

Cable Management Panel, 1U
19” cable management panels are fitted with four semicircular bobbins, which support and control the cable radii.  Cable ties, or velcro ties, can be utilised to fix the cables to the bobbins, if desired.

Cable Management Panel, 2U
19” cable management panels are fitted with five semicircular bobbins mounted alternatively.  Cable ties, or velcro ties, can be utilised to fix the cables to the bobbins, if desired.

2U CAT5 Cable Retention Panel
19” cable management panel is fitted with four cable retention bobbins.  The cable retention bobbins support and control the cable radii, as well as, forming a cabling trough which alleviates the need for cable ties or velcro ties.

2U Cable Storage Shelf
2U 19” shelf unit is supplied complete with four semicircular bobbins.  The  shelf provides storage for excess lengths of patch cords.

Cable Manager 
Cable managers are useful for routing cables horizontally along the front of the cabinet without sagging. This helps to provide a neat and uncluttered overall appearance.
Cable Channel
Cable channels, with cabling loops, are made of steel and are meant to be fitted vertically along the side of the cabinets at the rear. Use of these cable channels make it possible to run cables in an orderly and structured manner.

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