Electrical Accessories

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Designed to match customized variations in rack configurations, electrical accessories offer extra power distribution on extended networks, or additional safety or cooling features as required.

The components and design elements used for these accessories are of the highest quality and reliability, following electrical standards and best practices that are accepted worldwide.

Accessories Visual
Fan Tray
These are 19” mountable fan trays used to position cooling fans (90CFM) at any convenient height inside the cabinet. The fan trays are useful when equipment mounted inside the cabinet need forced air cooling.
Fan Housing Unit
Top-mounted fan housing units hold up to 4 fans and are fitted to the underside of top cover. A cover plate with ventilation slots is fitted to the outside of the top cover. When fan housing units are not ordered, a plain top cover plate is provided. Fans are to be ordered separately.
Fan Tray for Door Mounting
Two models of fan trays for mounting on doors are available.  These are suitable for use with full width doors of 600 / 800mm wide cabinets, or with the dual doors for 1200mm deep Server cabinets.

Power Distribution Units
The IEC type of Distribution unit is designed for 19” horizontal mounting.  It has a 15A MCB, a neon indicator and a 1.5 meter cable for connection to the external power source.

Earthing  Accessories
Earthing straps are available for providing good quality electrical ground connections. Earthing brackets are available on all side panels and steel doors. These can be used for connecting side panels or doors to electrical ground bars by means of the electrical straps.

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