Electronic Accessories

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Special accessories with highly reliable electronic circuitry are available to imrove the performance of cooling fans or to provide clear and accurate programmable or static display readouts.

The components and design elements used for these accessories are of the highest quality and reliability, following electronic standards and best practices that are accepted worldwide.

Accessories Visual
Monitored Fan Tray
A new concept in fan trays, this unit is designed to automatically control the operation of four cooling fans. Built-in temperature sensors provide an accurate measurement of temperature inside the cabinet. Selective and need-based switching energizes only the required number of fans to maintain the temperature level. The “set point” can be factory adjusted according to individual specifications. This prevents over-heating inside the cabinet and makes for smooth operation of data storage and communication equipment. It enhances the life of the fans, reduces noise and load on the power supply or UPS system.
Alphanumeric Display Unit
The Alphanumeric Display Unit is a universal display facility which can be programmed through a standard 104-key PC keyboard. This microprocessor based messaging unit can be used for the identification of racks or cabinets, or for general indication purposes.
Temperature Indicator – Multi-Zone
This is a 3 character digital temperature indicator. The Display Unit is embedded in the front door. The unit has inputs for three temperature sensors which can be located in different zones in the cabinet. The display scrolls at 5 second intervals between the three and has a resolution of one decimal place.

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