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A variety of hig quality hardware accessories are available for providing reliable installation safety, easier mobility, and rigidity or flexibility of equipment mounting as required in different environments. These include an assortment of purpose-designed captive mounting sets, blank panels, castors, base frames and adjustable levelling legs.

Accessories Visual
Captive Mounting Hardware
Front panel captive hardware sets are required for fixing 19” rack equipment directly to the mounting angles in the equipment cabinets.
Castors are an optional item for providing mobility to floor standing cabinets. Normally two castors with foot operated brakes and two without brakes are used.
Base Frames
Base frames are welded steel structures used to provide rigidity.
Adjustable Feet (Kit of 4)
Leveling legs allow the cabinet to be levelled on uneven surfaces.
Blank Panels
Blank 19” panels are useful for covering unused space at the front of the cabinet.

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