Shelves and Trays

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A variety of high quality shelves and trays are available. These include stationary, heavy-duty, cantilever and universal shelves as well as keyboard trays. These are designed to meet specific application requirements in the user’s selected rack configurations.

Close attention is paid to detailed elements in design. For example, in shelves, ventilation slots are included in the shelf panels for improved air flow, and extra mounting brackets are added for variable mounting dimensions.

Accessories Visual

Heavy Duty Shelf
For applications where heavy loads up to 100 kgs have to be supported.

Stationary Shelf
Stationary shelves are useful for placing equipment that are not 19” wide  into 19” cabinets. These shelves are fixed directly to the 19″ vertical angles. They are provided with ventilation slots for easy air circulation. Load capacity is 50 kgs for normal stationary shelves.
Cantilever Shelf
These shelves are useful for light, non-19” wide equipment. They are fixed to the front mounting angles and have a load capacity of 20 kgs. They occupy 2U height.

Universal Shelf

 The Universal Shelf is provided with a separate pair of mounting brackets for the rear which make it possible to adapt to different mounting dimensions between the 19” vertical angles.

Keyboard Tray
The rotary keyboard tray is ideal for 19” cabinets. This tray ensures that the keyboard can be easily drawn out and used, even when it is wider than the entry into the rack. There is also enough room for a mouse to be placed on the tray.

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