Floor Standing Cabinets


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EcoRack (Imrak 600) provides an efficient and highly economical solution for the needs iof the Networking, Telecom and Instrumentation sectors. It  has a welded steel frame that offers strong and sturdy support for installation of 19” equipment and accessories.


EcoRack – Free standing

  • Heights 12U, 17U, 22U, 27U, 37U & 42U
  • 2 depth options – 600mm or 800mm
  • Front Plain Glass Door
  • Rear  Plain Steel Door
  • Light / Medium duty castors
  • Cable entry aperture at base of rack
  • Cable entry provided in front and rear using access panels
  • Adjustable 19” panel mounts as standard
  • Options  –  Solid Side panels or Removable Side panels 
    giving enhanced  access
  • Load rating 250 kgs
  • Supplied fully assembled and configured with accessories

EcoRack – Wall mounted

  • Heights 12U, 17U & 22U, 600mm deep
  • Load rating 100 kgs
  • Supplied with drill template for wall mounting
  • Cable entry via top and bottom gland aperture

Configured Rack Contents

  • Frame
  • Front Glass Door
  • Rear Steel Door
  • Panel mount supports (2 pairs)
  • Panel mount angles at front and rear

        Product Catalogue

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