Floor Standing Cabinets


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NetServer is an upgraded version of the IMRAK 700 that has been widely acclaimed for its award-winning multipurpose design which allows for 19”, metric, as well as wider ETSI equipment  to be fitted in one and the same rack.

Light in weight and made of steel, it can be supplied in complete knockdown (CKD) condition and can be easily assembled on-site. A smart choice today that will stand you in good stead tomorrow. Your insurance against rapid obsolescence.


  • Attractive styling to blend with office environments 
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 and ETSI specifications 
  • Front vented glass door 
  • Fully perforated rear steel door 
  • Removable Side Panels with slam  latches for easy access
  • Slam lock for front and rear doors
  • 19” Mounting angles  offset  to provide cabling space
  • Top and bottom cable entry provisions 
  •  Adjustable 19” metric (465mm) or ETSI panel mounts 
  • Ventilated top and bottom covers 
  • Load rating 500 kgs
  • Supplied fully assembled or in complete knockdown
    (CKD) kit

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