Streetside Enclosures

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In outdoor applications, dust, heat and humidity are ever-present. These severely affect the reliable functioning and life of electronic equipment, especially when exposed to harsh environments. This  family of  Outdoor Cabinets  and  Enclosure Systems has been carefully engineered to combat such conditions.

The Outdoor Enclosures are meant to be used in unprotected outdoor/street-side environments. Careful design consideration has been given to making these enclosures as physically secure and vandal-proof as possible.


  • All-aluminium / steel frame construction for corrosion-free life.
  • Double wall construction for maximum sealing effect.
  • Entire frame structure and inner skin is bolted / welded, sealed and powder-coated as one assembly to achieve maximum sealing and eliminate corrosion.
  • Zinc plated for high corrosion resistance.
  • Physical security. Outer walls of heavy gauge steel for strength.

Material and Finish

  • Main structural frame made from proprietary extrusions / high grade steel.  Inner  skin of 1.2mm aluminium sheet for extremely long life corrosion resistance. Outer panels made  from 1.5mm thick electro galvanized sheet steel.
  • The aluminium frame with the inner aluminium skin are fully assembled, sealed  and then powder coated in a walk-in powder coating booth. This ensures extremely tight sealing against ingress of water and dust  –  beyond IP55 level.
  • The outer panels of sheet steel are also powder coated with pure polyester to maximize  corrosion – free life.

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