Thermal Solution


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APW President has introduced a new solution for thermal management in high heat density server racks …. the CoolRack with an exhaust duct ….  the CoolRack-HD.

Based on the current trend in Data Centres (DC) thermal loads are moving upwards steadily.  High density servers offer a significant performance per watt benefit.  However, depending on their deployment, they can present significant cooling challenges. With most DCs designed for cooling not more than 2-3 Kw load per rack, innovative strategies must be used for proper cooling of high density equipment.

The fully configured CoolRack-HD is specifically tailored to cater to such requirements with high heat density loads.  This solution is based on the simple principle of isolating the incoming cold air from the warm return air being  exhausted from the cabinet.  The innovative Fan-exhaust duct combination, which can be configured for heat densities as per customer requirement, helps in this isolation of the cold and warm air streams line with ASHRAE guidelines. This results in tremendous energy savings while maintaining the high heat density servers at comfortable temperatures.

Benefits of the CoolRack solution

  • Ability to house more Servers in a Cabinet.….Upto 42 in a  42U cabinet
  • Equipment runs cooler – therefore more reliably…… MTBF is increased
  • Optimal use of the AC plant capacity …… less capacity needed
  • Initial costs for Air Conditioning plant reduced
  • Running costs for electrical energy reduced

Product Catalogue

  • coolrack_n8m0320