Console Extension

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The Console Extension products provide the user flexibility to access the system from a distance. Extension can be analog using dedicated paths or digital via the network.

The analog extension provides extension between 500 to 1000 feet while the digital extension provides limitless extension over thr Local Area Network.

Desktop over IP

Desktop over IP solutions are designed for desktop administrators who need to physically separate the computer from the user in the work environment. Physical separation of computer and user can provide solutions where security and/or environmental issues are major concerns. The Avocent HMX desktop over IP solution provides the ideal solution for these environments. The […]
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Analog Console Extension

Avocent LongView® extension solutions enable you to separate users from computers with simple connect-and-go ease of installation. These intelligent product lines compensate for any performance degradation over the extension connection delivering an “at the PC” experience for the user. The LongView IP digital extension solution provides remote access to business-critical computers via your local area […]
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