Video Scaling and Conversion

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VSM2000 Multi-Function Video Scaler


The Avocent Emerge VSM2000 multi-function video scaler provides high scaling to analog or DVI computer or HDTV signals. NTSC and PAL video standards are supported. Video inputs are 2x composite, 2x s-video and 1x YUV component or YPbPr. RGB/YPbPr scaling permits the computer input signals to be scaled with the same flexibility as the video […]
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VSS1000P PC/VGA Video Scaler


The Avocent Emerge VSS1000P PC/VGA video scaler provides high quality up conversion from composite and s-video formats to computer or HDTV signals and bidirectional high quality conversion between computer graphics and HDTV signals in a compact package. NTSC and PAL video standards are supported; as well as cross conversion within formats is also supported. Both […]
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VSS1000PD PC/VGA-DVI Video Scaler


The Avocent Emerge VSS1000PD PC/VGA-DVI video scaler is a high bandwidth, professional PC/Component/DVI to Digital DVI scaler that accepts PC generated RGB signals (up to WUXGA), HD component signals (480i up to 1080p) and DVI signals (up to WUXGA) and scales them to a DVI or PC output of 1080p/WUXGA.The inputs are DVI plus analog […]
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VSS1000H HDMI Video Scaler


The Avocent Emerge VSS1000H HDMI video scaler is a high bandwidth, professional quality product that accepts HDMI signals, DVI signals (via DVI to HDMI cable), PC generated RGB signals (up to WUXGA), HD component signals (YPbPr/YCbCr, 480i up to 1080p), s-video and composite video signals as valid inputs. It scales these signals to provide a […]
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DA1200D DVI-D Distribution Amplifier


The Avocent Emerge DA1200D DVI-D distribution amplifier with HDCP is a compact, high performance product designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the distribution of DVI signals with HDCP copy protection. The DA1200D distribution amplifier provides transparent distribution of a DVI-D signal to two destinations. The unit has DVI-I connectors for the input and […]
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DA1200P PC/VGA Distribution Amplifier


The Avocent Emerge DA1200P PC/VGA distribution amplifier provides two outputs for use in any application requiring multiple outputs from a single PC or other VGA video source. The video bandwidth in excess of 500 MHz handles computer resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 at distances up to 300 feet from the source without signal deterioration. […]
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