ECMS1000 Extender

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  • ecms1000-extender

Extend KVM, audio and serial up to 1000 feet (305 meters) in a point-to-point configuration. The system is a transmitter and receiver design with an interconnecting UTP cable.

The Avocent Emerge ECMS1000 extender allows PS/2 and USB keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) peripherals to work seamlessly from up to 1000 feet away from your server. The ECMS1000 allows the physical separation requirement up to 1000 feet with any UTP cable without compromising your image quality. The simple transmitter and receiver pair design allows for ease of installation and simple deployment. Its industry-standard design makes the ECMS1000 extender compatible with virtually any PC, display technology and operating system. Installation requires no new drivers or software.

The Solution for Advanced A/V Extension

The production environment is full of specialized applications that run on computers including: Non-linear Edit Systems (NLE), Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), Character Generators (C.G.), and Animation stations. All of these devices share four major problems: they create heat, they require large amounts of technical power, they generate a level of background noise that is unacceptable in the production environment, and they present a security risk to the content stored on them. The Emerge ECMS1000 removes the requirement for technical power in the edit suite, resolves the problem of high ambient noise in the creative space, and eliminates ability to copy content to unsecured storage devices.

ECMS1000 Extender Quick Facts

  • Supports Avid Deko FAK, Chyron Duet, and Devlin ViZrt keyboards
  • Provides 1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz up to 1000 ft(305 m) over UTP cable; supports 1600 x 1200 up to 100 ft (30 m) over UTP cable
  • The extender makes it possible to back-rack digital workstations without impact to post-production operations