MPX1550 HD Multipoint Extender

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Emerge MPX1550 extenders integrate Avocent’s field-proven MPX video extension and distribution engine with 802.11n radio technology and MIMO-based smart antennas.

The Avocent Emerge MPX1550 multipoint extender provides wireless or wired connectivity for distribution of high-definition content from a source to one or more destinations. The MPX1550 extender combines Avocent’s field-proven MPX technology with IEEE 802.11n MIMO-based radios, thereby setting the highest standard for wireless HD video distribution in terms of visual acuity, transmission distance and noise immunity.

With the MPX1550 system, deployment of a single stream of media to many displays can be accomplished in minutes, even under the most challenging conditions, with a degree of reliability and quality that rivals a dedicated source device at each and every display. Unlike multiple source devices, video and audio remain in perfect lockstep across all displays and failure-prone moving parts are kept to a minimum.

Designed for professional A/V applications involving both motion video and computer graphics, Emerge MPX1550 extenders feature an integrated digital video interface (DVI-I) connector that supports direct connection to HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-A, RGB and component source and display devices.

For ease of installation and configuration, Emerge MPX1550 extenders feature an on-board web server. The web interface also offers powerful diagnostic tools for remote or local management. All Emerge MPX1550 products are field upgradeable to support future functionality.

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MPX1550 Extender Quick Facts

  • The MPX1550 T/R features a single DVI-I media port that supports RGB, component, DVI-A, DVI-D, and HDMI video
  • Wired or wireless extension provides installation flexibility for many professional A/V applications
  • Provides content security through HDCP digital rights management
  • For use in a wide range of critical viewing applications that require one-to-many distribution, such as: informational displays, corporate signage, boardrooms, courtrooms, medical, military and education