Datacenter Environment Monitoring

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To help deliver high availability networks and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss, our integrated local and remote monitoring capabilities allow for the earliest possible warning of issues by alerting and collecting data on all variables at cabinet, room and zone level, providing the interface between the monitoring hardware and network. As part of our environmental management solution, we measure both temperature and humidity over the network to monitor the environmental conditions of the data centre and provide ‘real time’ and polled data capture of other critical data centre physical infrastructure parameters such as power, temperature and humidity, door access, fire, smoke, shock, light and water.

Enclosure Security Access


Access control is the ability to permit or deny a particular resource by a particular entity. In current layouts, physical access control to datacenters is at the entrance to the datacenter, where banks of enclosures are deployed in some formal way. As each enclosure or rack houses critical equipment and applications, it should be considered […]
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Server Lifter


Server Lifter The Server Lifter is the only purpose-designed electrically powered, heavy duty 12V model currently available in the marketplace. It is capable of lifting servers up to 136kg, as high as 2.44m,  taking up only 600mm of aisle space. As an advanced server (and overall datacentre installation solution) device, it is designed to meet […]
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Power Hawk – Rack Monitoring Unit

The PowerHawk² is a cost effective monitoring and control solution enhancing the Unite Technologies family of Sinetica branded product portfolio. Largely based on the Hawk-i² concept, the PowerHawk² has specifically been designed with simplicity in mind, to provide single rack level power and environmental monitoring, using a single IP address. Ideal for single cabinet installations, […]
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Hawk-i3 – Rack Monitoring Unit


Web & HTML Based Environmental Monitoring & Control Unit The primary aim of the Hawk-i³ product is to produce a cost effective monitoring and control solution for power, environmental and physical access control parameters using a single IP address, to allow users to monitor and control external devices via a network attached unit. The Hawk-i³ […]
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Eagle-I – Rack Monitoring Unit

The Eagle-i is the revolutionary development we have all been waiting for and is the latest addition to the Sinetica brand of power monitoring and control products. A network attached device, the Eagle-i is designed to provide room or multi rack level power, environmental monitoring and physical access control, using a single IP address. The […]
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Enterprise Device Manager


Device Management & Control Enterprise Device Manager is an enterprise-level device monitoring, control and asset management application. This web-based application allows users to monitor and control hundreds or even thousands of devices from a single console. Through its secure web interface, you can view the infrastructure from any browser within the company intranet. Attractive, Intuitive […]
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Non-invasive AC Electrical Current Monitoring Technology. An asset for improving energy efficiency for legacy data centres. The CL-Amp is a purpose-built monitoring solution for retrofit, newly built and legacy electrical installation monitoring. It enables legacy data centres to be monitored and managed (in order to regain power and cooling capacity), without scheduled power downtime associated […]
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Sensors are external to the Hawki2 unit. A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument. A sensor’s ‘sensitivity’ is the degree to which its output changes when the measured quantity changes. The appropriate sensors may be selected […]
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