AutoView 2020 KVM Switch

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The AutoView® 2020 KVM switch is a dual-user, 16-port appliance that includes a local Virtual Media upgrade option, multi-platform server support, and an advanced on-screen graphical user interface (GUI).

The AutoView 2020 KVM switch Virtual Media upgrade option allows you to easily share a directly-connected USB storage device to all servers connected to a KVM switch. The switch also includes local USB peripheral support and connectivity to PS/2, USB, Sun and serial devices, features that are especially beneficial for small and midsize data centers.

Using the on-screen display, you can easily configure your system and quickly select servers. AutoView 2020 KVM switch cabling options automatically assign and retain unique server names for each attached server, which simplifies your installation and makes re-configurations easy.

Autoview 2020 KVM Switch Quick Facts

  • 16-port, dual-user KVM switch
  • Can be upgraded to include local Virtual Media support
  • Designed specifically for SMB server rooms
  • Advanced graphical on-screen display
  • Uses standard CAT-5 cables
  • BIOS-level access ensures connection to the attached servers regardless of the health or type of operating system