AutoView 3050 Digital KVM Switch

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The AutoView® 3050 digital KVM switch provides access to your servers from any location via an on-board Web browser. Designed for the needs of small to medium-size businesses, the switch also includes an analog port for local access.

The AutoView 3050 switch is a 8-port KVM system providing server access for one remote digital user and one local analog user. The switch includes local USB peripheral support and provides convenient access to PS/2, Sun, and USB servers and serial-based devices. The on-board Web interface means that no additional software is required for remote server access.

AutoView 3050 KVM Switch Quick Facts

  • Designed specifically for SMB environments
  • On-board Web interface * Remote digital and local analog server access
  • Supports PS/2, USB, Sun and serial platforms
  • Encrypted communication
  • BIOS-level access ensures connection to the attached servers regardless of the health or type of operating system.