MergePoint 5224/5240 Appliances

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MergePoint® 5224/5240 service processor managers simplify management of servers with service processor technologies by consolidating IP connections, user access and server health information.

MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances connect point-to-point with Ethernet-based service processors such as HP® Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), Dell® Remote Access Card (DRAC), IBM® Remote Supervisor Adapter II (RSA II) and Sun® Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM).

By consolidating service processor Ethernet ports the MergePoint 5224/5240 service processor managers require only one external IP address and Ethernet switch port for all connected devices. This feature significantly reduces deployment costs frequently associated with service processors.

MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances provide secure and efficient rack-level management with seamless integration into the management infrastructure by isolating and protecting the connected service processors from the external production network.

Appliances include a new DirectCommand feature enabling transparent and secure access to the service processor’s native interface. When used in conjunction with DSView® 3 management software, MergePoint 5224/5240 provide essential server coverage as well as:

  • Secure Serial over LAN (SoL)
  • Power control
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Event detection and notification
  • SNMP proxy
  • Graphing
  • Alarms for sensors
  • Shared access to management ports

MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances allow enterprise-class authentication, authorization and auditing (AAA) security and encryption, and extend this functionality to all servers.

MergePoint 5224/5240 Quick Facts

  • Provides Serial over LAN, power control, hardware monitoring and DirectCommand, enabling transparent and secure access to the service processor native interface
  • Consolidates IP connections, user access and server health information
  • Comprehensive security systems with local and remote authentication, authorization, auditing and encryption
  • Physical separation of service processor connections from public networks allows server access to authorized users
  • Manage HP iLO, IPMI 1.5, IPMI 2.0, Dell DRAC, IBM® RSA II, Sun® ALOM, blade servers and others