General Electronics

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We offer modular enclosures to cater to a wide range of applications in industrial electronics and instrumentation, which is broadly called ‘General Electronics.’



The CYBERack is a successor to the S10 family of enclosures which were introduced in 1983 and rapidly became an industry standard in the country. The original design has been re-engineered completely so as to reduce weight and cost, while improving the aesthetics and the precision. The load capacity remains at 350 kgs. The four corner […]
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EMC Cabinets


The Electromagnetically Compatible (EMC) cabinet family from APW President is based on an extremely rugged steel 19″ enclosure system. These cabinets provide a high level of RFI shielding so as to protect sensitive electronic equipment housed inside them against interference from external electromagnetic radiation. These EMC cabinets have been carefully engineered to provide between 30 […]
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Sub Racks


Sub racks are modular cases and cabinet frames designed to fit into standard enclosures. They offer the electronics engineer freedom from the task of fabricating small volumes of cases. They are usually supplied in kit form for easy assembly.
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Series 42


The Series 42 family of Instrument Cases has been designed as an economical packaging solution for bench-top equipment. The rounded edges provide a soft look in keeping with current enclosure styling. These cases are made from proprietary aluminium extrusions. They are available in a choice of four heights, four widths and four depths. The use […]
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