Sub Racks

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Sub racks are modular cases and cabinet frames designed to fit into standard enclosures. They offer the electronics engineer freedom from the task of fabricating small volumes of cases. They are usually supplied in kit form for easy assembly.

Series 20


The Series 20 family of Card Frames has several features that enhance the level of precision and adaptability. The side panels have half-shears for accurate positioning of the width extrusions. Card Frames are normally supplied in kit-form. Assembly is simple, requiring only a screw-driver. Features: Rapid assembly and easy accessibility Side Panels are provided with […]
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EMC Card Frames


We have extended the range of Card Frames by introducing an Electromagnetically Compatible (EMC) version. This important new class of card frames (subracks) has been designed to achieve EMC performance without the use of expensive RFI gaskets for shielding. These EMC Card Frames have mounting arrangements for either VME Motherboards or Compact PCI Back Planes. […]
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Plug-in Modules


Plug-in-Modules for Series 20 Card Frames offer mechanical rigidity, precision and internal working space. These fully enclosed all-aluminium modules offer a high degree of protection against EMI / RFI emissions from adjacent circuitry. PIM’s are available in heights of 3U and 6U to suit single-height and double-height Euro Card Frames. Features: All aluminium construction Proprietary […]
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A large variety of accessories are available for use with Card Frames and Instrument Cases. These allow Design Engineers and System Integrators to package their products in conformity with the latest practices worldwide. Accessory Items: Card Guides Threaded Strips Pull-Out Handles Front and Rear Panels Top / Bottom Covers Facia Panels Handles for Facias Connector […]
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Steel Card Frames


Our family of aluminium card frames is ideal for the great majority of applications. But, for large-scale use in telecommunications, such card frames tend to be expensive as they include facilities which may not be needed. For such projects, we provide especially designed steel PCB enclosures. These custom engineered Card Frames embody all the requisite […]
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