Networking Racks

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Schneider Electric President offers a wide range of enclosures for server housing. These are innovative designs that combine aluminum profiles and CRCA panels with higher load-bearing capacity and fine styling. This results not only in low weight and an elegant appearance but also permits quick assembly, as they can be shipped as completely knocked down (CKD) kits.  President’s enclosures are engineered to meet the current IT standards for better cable management. The precisely-engineered vertical Reducing Cable Channel design simplifies mounting of any 19-inch network equipment, and also enables the systematic routing of cables.  Both EIA and TIA cabling standards are supported.

Closed Racks


Networking has become a critical part of all corporate infrastructure. In a datacenter, where a multitude of users could be housing their IT equipment, the Closed Network Cabinet solution is ideal. A Closed Network Cabinet offers enhanced security for the front and back, as well as the sides of the cabinet.  A Closed Network Cabinet […]
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Open Racks


Managing data cabling – particularly cable performance – has become critical today, as demand for bandwidth keeps escalating. This is where structured cabling design becomes significant. Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful Intelligent Building Network and the base on which all other network equipment depends. A structured cabling system refers to all of […]
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Wall Mounts


President offers a versatile range of Wall Mount enclosures to suit small secured network requirements. Wall Mounts are the ideal solution in areas where floor space is a limitation. Typical networking equipments such as routers, switches, patch panels, etc. are well suited for these mounting arrangements.
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