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Schneider Electric President offers a full line of enclosures and cabinets for telecom applications. Built to protect equipment in both indoor and outdoor applications, telecom enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet current application needs and allow for future expansion. Customization to match specific project requirements is also undertaken.

Street Side Enclosures


In tropical environments, heat, humidity and dust are ever-present. These severely affect the reliable functioning and life of electronic equipment. President’s Outdoor Enclosures are meant to be used in unprotected outdoor/streetside environments. Careful design consideration has been given to making these enclosures as physically secure and vandal-proof as possible. Features: All-aluminium frame construction for corrosion-free […]
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ETSI Cabinets


The ETSI standard is the current format for enclosures used in the telecommunications industry. ETSI cabinets are generally of 2200mm height overall. President offers two versions – the 300mmD “SHALLOW” ETSI Rack, which has fixed side panels, and the 600mmD “DEEP” ETSI Rack, which has removable side panels. Features: Top panel of rectangular box type […]
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