Analog Matrix Solution

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The Analog Matrix provides access to all major server platforms and serial devices. It is designed for growing IT infrastructures with multi-rack, multi-device, multi-platform deployments.

The solution provides simultaneous real-time user access to all major server platforms and serial devices. Maintain access to your mission-critical servers and serial devices by connecting two matrix switches to your desktop user station for switch redundancy with automatic failover.

Alternately, you can access your local computer and a matrix switch with the desktop user station for efficient real-time access to connected servers and serial devices.

The Analog Matrix switching system features full-system management with an advanced Java-based administration tool, optimal video resolution and an on-screen graphical interface.

The solution provides full, non-blocked access to servers and delivers real-time, high bandwidth video up to 1,000 feet from the server. It operates over end-to-end UTP cabling with automatic compensation for any video losses induced by cabling.

The solution can operate over your existing UTP cable infrastructure and optional skew compensation ensures video quality is automatically adapted to cable type and length.

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