Back Racking Solution

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Our Back Racking solution involves the shifting of all standard user desktops | workstations in an enterprise to a secure area. This results in tighter security, better optimized floor space and lower operating costs.

Research and Development Labs, KPO / BPO / Contact Centers, Trading Floors and Education Institute’s in general will benefit more from back racking.

Since the systems are kept in a single isolated area, maintenance and troubleshooting becomes easier. High-end workstations that dissipate more heat can be provided with adequate cooling in such back racked areas.

Instructors at educational institutes can broadcast their screen-view to all users at the same time and, if required, can assist users by sharing consoles. Such interactive solutions change the role of an instructor to that of a facilitator, resulting in greater user satisfaction and higher absorption of learning.

Users can access their back racked systems from any available user station enabling implementation of hot desking. Users can also be given access to multiple desktops | workstations at a given point in time.

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