Power Management and Control

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DSView® 3 management software provides you the benefit of Centralized Management and control of Power to the Equipment. DSView 3 software gives you one common interface to access and manage console and power management appliances. It also provides secure access authentication, a failover hub and spoke architecture, event notifications, and access to IPMI-enabled servers.

PM power devices are a family of intelligent power distribution units (IPDUs) that enable remote power management and control of servers and network gear.

When used in conjunction with ACS console servers, DSR® GUI Consoleswitches and Avocent DSView® 3 management software, the PM devices provide a power management system with easier management capabilities and faster problem solving by integrating system access and power control into a single interface.

All PM models include two RS-232 outlets that allow the creation of daisy-chains with up to 128 outlets. Connect this chain to one of the outlets on the Cyclades ACS console server for the most advanced remote power management solution in the market today.

Remotely manage your power infrastructure using HTTP, HTTPS, telnet, SSHv2 and SNMP and integrate the solution with existing LDAP, Kerberos or RADIUS authentication schemes.

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