Virtual Infrastructure Management

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Virtualization is steadily gaining ground in the marketplace. Many IT organizations are, to varying degrees, implementing VMware technology to create multiple virtual servers on selected physical servers. Use of these virtual servers provides a variety benefits – including reduced capital spending on hardware, reduced demands on power and cooling capacity, and more flexible allocation of processing capacity.

DSView® 3 management software provides you the benefit of centralized management of your GUI switches and attached servers as well as Consoles of Virtual Servers. DSView 3 software gives you one common interface to access and manage console and power management appliances. It also provides secure access authentication, a failover hub and spoke architecture, event notifications, and access to IPMI-enabled servers.

The introduction of virtualization, however, creates many new management challenges for IT organizations. These new challenges arise from two basic causes:

Virtual servers by their very nature must be managed differently from physical servers – especially given the current limitations of VMware’s tools.

Data centers are only partially virtualized. That is, servers may be physical machines or they may be virtual machines residing on physical machines with other virtual servers.

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