Datacenter Thermal Management

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Datacenter trends have changed in last five years, with implementation of high-end technology in active and passive modes, with data redundancy.  Datacenter Managers, often under pressure to future-proof facilities, overcompensate their requirements. This increases the cost of real estate, power, cooling, bandwidth and operations.

In datacenter design, it is critical to maintain thermal equilibrium.

Liquid Cooling

Coolcentric’s LiquiCool data center system cooling solutions is the best solution to address the high heat load per cabinet with lower data center system cooling costs Liquid cooling technology in data centers has been around for more than 45 years and is field-proven. Liquid cooling can remove 3,500 times more heat than air can. Coolcentric’s […]
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Air Based Cooling

A modern datacenter features a variety of IT equipment that generate considerable heat. The enclosures that house these devices (such as servers) often employ “forced air cooling” in which a cooling effect is achieved by taking in large amounts of ambient cool air, which is freely available inside a datacenter. The advantage of an air cooling system […]
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Air Management Solution

In order to analyze the airflow in data centers, and maximize cooling capacity, APW President offers two different types of CFD Modeling studies — “below-floor CFD Modeling” and “above-floor CFD Modeling”. Below-floor CFD Modeling in Data Centers Using below-floor CFD modeling, we monitor and track the air in a data center as it travels through the […]
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