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Hose kits for LiquiCool data center cooling systems provide a flexible connection between the LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) and the LiquiCool Coolant Distribution Unit or External Manifold. The hose kits install quickly and adapt easily to unique physical layouts in your data center. Quick-connect couplings provide plug-and-play operation and eliminate the need to braze pipes near equipment racks. The LiquiCool hose kit ensures that the chilled water connections within the LiquiCool system are drip-proof and long-lasting.
Each hose is made of an inert, abrasion-resistant material called ethylene propylene diene monomer. Every fitting is made of stainless steel, and is available as a self-sealing, drip-proof, quick-disconnect coupling or as a threaded NPT fitting. Every coupling is individually tested using a helium gas test, then every completed hose assembly is subjected to a 250psi (1760uPa) leak test; the maximum in normal operation is 70-95psi (460uPa to 660uPa).

LiquiCool Hose Kit Benefits:

  • Flexible hoses allow easy deployment around physical obstacles
  • Flexible hoses are not fixed in place, and can be quickly and easily rearranged
  • Quick disconnects allow equipment to be detached easily or new equipment to be added to the system in minutes
  • High-quality materials and stringent testing ensure the best performance and peace of mind
  • A variety of hose configurations suit almost any data center need
  • Available with an unmatched 3-year limited warranty
  • All kits are made in the USA

External Manifold

LiquiCool external manifold kits provide users with a permanent, hard-piped connection between the LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) and the LiquiCool Coolant Distribution Unit. The external manifolds are made with copper piping and can be manufactured with a variety of connections, such as drip-proof, quick-connect couplings or NPT fittings.
Coolcentric external manifolds allow users to run hard piping when redundancy is required, when CDUs are located remote from the Rear Door Heat Exchangers or where preferred.

  • Provides another level of flexibility for secondary loop distribution options.
  • Available in standard manifold configurations or in custom designed configurations to meet unique facility requirements.
  • Deploy under raised floors or overhead.
  • Quick connects or NPT fittings.

Treated Water

The quality of water used in the Rear Door Heat Exchanger is essential to proper operation.

  • Coolcentric water treatment solutions control inhibitors and biocides to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and protect the system from downtime.
  • Protects against scaling, fouling and corrosion, ensuring optimum performance and longevity of the cooling equipment.
  • Available in 5 gallon (19 Liters) or 55 gallon (209 Liter) containers.

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