Coolant Distribution Units

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Coolcentric’sTM Coolant Distribution Units are an integral part of the energy efficient LiquiCool liquid cooling system. The use of a CDU creates a secondary loop that offers several advantages. A secondary loop allows users to have strict control over the liquid cooling system. It makes it easier to manage the quality of the chilled water, minimizes the volume of water and allows the water to be delivered at a lower pressure. The CDU provides a secondary loop of heat rejecting liquid which enables strict containment and control of the liquid cooling system. Using a CDU results in a secondary loop that has low pressure and requires low volume of chilled water to cool the RDHx.
A key management feature of the CDU is its monitoring of the environmental conditions within the data center and its ability to maintain the secondary loop supply temperature above the dew point of the data center, preventing condensation and ensuring 100% sensible cooling. Available with 150kW cooling capacity, the CDU can easily support up to 12 RDHx units. The controller can interface with building management systems and web management tools allowing Users to actively monitor the system.
The floor-mount CDU is designed with redundant variable speed pumps, actuators and control valves to maximize system availability. Available with a 120kW or 150kW cooling capacity, the CDU can easily support up to 12 RDHx. Providing approximately 43 tons of cooling, the CDU consumes 1/4 of the electricity that a comparable Computer Room Air Conditioner consumes. A variety of secondary loop distribution options are available offering maximum flexibility. The rack-mount CDU is perfect for small data centers, writing closets or to address a small hot spot within a large data center.
The rack-mount CDU is a 6U high unit that mounts within a 19” EIA IT enclosure. With a 20kW cooling capacity, it is a cost effective method to cooling one or two adjacent IT enclosures. The rack-mount CDU is perfect for small data centers, wiring closets or addressing a small hot spot within a large data center.

LiquiCool Coolant Distribution Units Benefits:

  • Maintains chilled water above the room dew point to ensure 100% sensible cooling
  • Monitors heat load and makes adjustments to minimize energy consumption
  • Isolated secondary loop enables proper water treatment for long life and reliability
  • Allows quick and easy addition of RDHx
  • Intelligent monitoring and management features
  • Rack-mount model available in 20kW capacity
  • Floor-mount models available in 150kW capacity
  • Floor-mount models offer redundant components for system availability

LiquiCool Coolant Distribution Units Deployment

The CDU can be deployed in existing data centers or used as the basis of a cooling design, along with the LiquiCool RDHx.

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