Rear Door Heat Exchanger ( RDHx )

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Coolcentric’s LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) can reduce total energy consumption in excess of 60% and decrease white space by in excess of 50% when compared to conventional PAC / CRAC units. LiquiCool RDHx solutions can lower your data center total cost of ownership by as much as 50%.
Coolcentric’s LiquiCool RDHx provides unmatched reliability, flexibility and cooling performance, all while reducing operating expenses. The RDHx attaches to the back of most industry standard enclosures. Chilled water is fed to the specially designed coil inside the RDHx. The rack-mount devices eject the hot exhaust air through the coil, transferring the heat to the water and ejecting cool air out of the RDHx.
LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchanger Benefits:

  • Completely neutralizes heat loads of up to 35kW
  • Uses a passive system – the rack-mount devices move the exhaust air through the RDHx
  • Requires no electricity at the RDHx, reducing operating costs and carbon footprint
  • Has no moving parts to fail
  • Has no fans, which means no noise and no points of failure
  • 100% Sensible cooling – no condensate issues
  • Can be deployed on existing configurations without rearranging enclosures or interrupting operations
  • Installs in 50 minutes

RDHx Deployment

The RDHx can be deployed in existing data centers or used as the basis of a cooling design. Designed to be adapted to many of the industry leading models of IT enclosures, the RDHx can be deployed most anywhere. Top- or bottom-feed designs give users flexibility for planning distribution of the chilled water.

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