Digital Matrix Solution

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Our Digital Matrix provides access to all major server platforms. It is designed for growing IT infrastructures with multi-rack, multi-device, multi-platform deployments.

The solution extends digital and analog video, USB keyboard and mouse, USB media and audio signals and delivers an uncompromised digital workstation extension across unlimited distances. It allows remote enumeration of USB mass storage devices such as thumb drives, CD drives and hard drives.

Offering high quality, crisp video and highly responsive mouse interaction, this network-based product also provides CD quality audio and seamless extension of USB mass storage devices. Media-intense applications such as video editing benefit from real-time user experience while mission critical media servers are securely maintained and managed.

It provides access from single or dual video monitor workstations to user stations using a point-to-point extension over the same IP connection. The high quality extension provided is ideal for users who need a rich media, dual video display experience while using TCP/IP as the transport protocol.

The solution operates within the boundaries of a typical IP network. Frame-by-frame compression provides near-zero latency, with nearly lossless quality. It is optimized to maintain 35 fps across two ports or 60 fps on one port. External hardware compression eliminates OS-specific software and drivers that consume precious server resources and introduce complexities that could cause servers to crash or hang.

The benefits include: increased security, simplified desktop support, and reduced downtime. It also improves desktop environmental conditions by reducing noise and heat, and freeing up space.

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