Environment Monitoring and Access Control Solution

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As datacenters have evolved, initially to distributed processing and then to consolidated server farms, advancing server technologies have generated greater and greater demand for power and cooling.

Since each rack houses business-critical equipment and applications, a typical rack should be considered as a ‘mini datacenter.’  With rapidly evolving technologies like blades and multi-core processor systems, power, space and environmental requirements are constantly challenged – so the planning horizon keeps shrinking (say, from 5 years to 2 years).

Our environment monitoring solution gives you the ability to measure, alert, store and report with accurate data. It delivers many value-added integration capabilities into your existing and planned Datacenter Management and Network Management System (NMS) platforms – with reporting applications such as Crystal Reports and Business Objects.

One of the benefits of installing such a solution with our integrated technologies is to provide the means to produce highly sophisticated detailed management information reports based on industry standard protocols and database platforms. This enables you to do datacenter capacity planning, trend analysis and risk management for mission critical services.

Rigorous data centre capacity planning and management are critical in serving today’s enterprises. By providing integrated threshold monitoring and early warning alerting on power, humidity, temperature and other variables at both cabinet and room level, we are able to help you understand the interdependencies between power, rack space and cooling within the datacenter environment, including past trends. To predict computer resources, we provide assistance in measuring current loads, in testing for anticipated loads, and in gathering usage trends over time to predict the possible need for expansion.

Using our ability to integrate into the various Network Management System (NMS) platforms, we are also able to highlight the same interdependencies that exist for space. In optimising physical layer capacity management, we use our capability of ‘real time’ monitoring to capture detailed data. We can document and graphically represent the current state of your infrastructure, giving a complete picture and baseline of the type, location and connection of equipment.

By providing highly accurate ongoing data collection, you can perform datacenter trend analysis by tracking historical trends of power and cooling utilisation over a period of time. This management information can then be modeled against your business initiatives and events to produce short, medium, and long term forecasts for future planning.

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