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APW President Systems appoints Asia Pacific Brands India Ltd (APBIL) as National Distributor for FlexiBox

Moving ahead with the policy of getting ‘closer to customers’ through an expanding nationwide network of professional distribution and support, APW President Systems has appointed Asia Pacific Brands India Ltd (APBIL) as National Distributor for the FlexiBox range of wall-mount cabinets.

“APBIL, our new channel partner, has a reputation for driving market growth, fostering a value-creation strategy through additional products and service offerings for its customers as well as suppliers. With their operating efficiency, knowledgeable sales representatives, and established professional practices such as customized logistics, APBIL is well-positioned to win new markets and to continue breaking new ground. We expect to use their excellent channel know-how to increase the reach and availability of Flexibox, and to enable volume offtakes through bulk order booking,” said S. Venkatraman, Assistant VP – Sales & Service, APW President Systems.

According to industry estimates, the current market potential for wall-mount cabinets in India is about 200,000 units per annum, and it is growing at the rate of 20 percent annually. The Flexibox range of wall mount cabinets is positioned as an ideal solution for LAN and WAN applications. It is supplied as a completely-knocked-down (CKD) product packed in a box, thus making is easy to handle and store. The bolted construction offers flexibility of shipping in CKD or assembled condition, without any compromise on rigidity. Cable entry provision on top and bottom panels offers better cable management.


“As leaders in enclosure systems, we continue a tradition of adding value for our customers with outstanding products and through channel innovation. We have designed the FlexiBox specifically for addressing the equipment housing, switching and connectivity issues in local and wide area network administration,” said E. A. Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.


“FlexiBox’s design makes the job easy for LAN and WAN network architects, system installers and network administrators. It is a flexible modular open concept, which allows all-round accessibility and ease of maintenance. The versatile features provided with the FlexiBox makes it extremely easy to transport, install and configure,” said Venkatraman.


“APW President has over 27 years of experience in innovating custom designs for infrastructure, systems management, operations and interactive interfaces across many application environments. The FlexiBox reflects our commitment to meeting the immediate as well as the future challenges of the network administrator,” he added.


About Asia Pacific Brands India Ltd

APBIL is one of the major distributors in India for a range of IT and Industrial products. They have a joint venture with Grainger of the USA and are well known in the IT distribution business circles. For further details, visit the website: www.apbil.com [1]