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APW President Systems introduces the COOL WAY Cold Aisle Containment System for higher energy savings in Datacenters

President Systems has introduced COOL WAY, a cold aisle containment system for deploying in data centers. With energy efficiency becoming a critical goal, any technology to save power would be a boon to business. According to the Green Grid (an international non-profit organization with a mandate to increase energy efficiency in the IT sector), cooling requirements consume approximately 63 percent of the power in a datacenter.

As one of the major providers of data center infrastructure solutions, APW President continues to innovate and come up with energy-saving solutions that are designed to set standards in customer value. In today’s data centers there is greater heat generation in equipment, and a greater demand on the cooling system. Most high-end computer servers now require careful engineering to remove the heat generated by it. So, in a typical data center design, every server location has to be provided with cool air at the optimal volume, temperature and humidity. “It is very common to find short-circuiting of air paths with the hot exhaust air from the cabinets returning directly back into the cold aisle and thereby reducing cooling effectiveness.  Significant improvement in cooling effectiveness, and thereby energy efficiencies, can be achieved by employing cold aisle containment systems.” said E. A. Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

In the design of COOL WAY, optimally conditioned air is directed to a sealed cold aisle which ensures that the thermal variations within the data centre do not affect the volume of cold air delivered to the front of the IT equipment. This solution is being introduced through the company’s network of sales and service outlets in India and abroad.

“COOL WAY guides the cooled air from the air-conditioning inlet tiles on the raised floor into a sealed cold aisle between the server racks. Equipment inside the racks are cooled as much as required and they then exhaust the heated air into the surrounding room, where it rises to the top. The sealed COOL WAY system prevents the mixing of cool and warm air in the room and it ensures that the air returned to the air-conditioning units is always at a higher temperature,” explained S. Venkatraman, Assistant VP – Sales & Service,  APW President Systems.

“APW President has over 27 years of experience in innovating custom designs for infrastructure, systems management, operations and interactive interfaces across many application environments. COOL WAY reflects our commitment to meeting the immediate as well as future challenges of the data center administrator,” he added.