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APW President expands Pune factory, adds innovative manufacturing facilities

APW President Systems, the pioneer in enclosure systems (which play a vital role in telecom, IT and electronics infrastructure), has expanded the capacity of its manufacturing unit at Pune from 23,500 sq ft to 43,500 sq feet,  including a modern conveyorized Powder Coating facility and flexible processes that will accelerate the delivery of a superior range of enclosure products. The expansion was made possible by acquiring the plot adjoining the existing factory and building a new 20,000 sq ft facility there.

In 2005, the company’s other manufacturing unit in Bangalore, at Attibele, was expanded by a massive 65,000 sq ft, including the very latest manufacturing technologies. This was an addition to the 55,000 sq ft plant located on an adjacent plot. Along with the 45,500 sq ft Pune plant, the company now has a total of 1,65,500 sq ft of manufacturing space in India.

“We already enjoy a leadership position in enclosure systems, and with the completion of this new facility at Pune, we have enhanced our manufacturing capacity in India significantly. With these expanded facilities, the production capacity will go up by at least 50 percent. We have the flexibility to make different types of enclosures, and our product development cycle time will come down substantially,” said E.A. Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

“This expansion was necessary as we are growing at 25 percent each year, and there was a need to manage the consequent growing volume of customer orders,” Elias added.

Innovative Facilities

The line of modern equipment added includes a CNC Turret Punching Press, two CNC bending machines and a more efficient CNC shearing machine.  Also new is the addition of the latest Powder Coating Plant, which includes a conveyorised environment-friendly pretreatment process and fully automated Powder Coating system. The state-of-the-art equipment ensures highly consistent quality levels and also results in very efficient powder recovery.

“With the new in-house powder coating operations, which was earlier outsourced, we have the capacity to provide superior product finishing with reduced process time. We expect to grow rapidly, this will mean more employment and business opportunities for suppliers in and around Pune, while our customers in India and abroad can expect quicker deliveries,” Elias said.

The Bangalore plant is furnished with the latest machinery for sheet metal manufacturing. The fully-integrated facility includes hot phosphate pre-treatment line, wet-paint and powder-coating paint shops, chemical evaluation laboratory, CNC controlled machinery, extensive  storage, assembly and shipping areas, an  effluent treatment plant for meeting pollution control norms, along with air filtering for dusty areas and paint shops, water treatment plant etc.

About APW President Systems

With headquarters in Mumbai, APW President Systems leads the market in custom-designed packaging solutions for the IT and data networking, OEM / professional equipment manufacturing, scientific and analytical instrumentation, and process automation sectors. The company pioneered India’s modular enclosure industry, introducing the world standard 19-inch enclosure technology.

Beginning in 1981 as President Systems, the original partnership firm was converted into a private limited company in the mid-eighties, and subsequently into a public limited company.  APW President Systems Limited has an issued and subscribed share capital of Rs60.4 M, of which 40% shares are with the original Indian promoters, the joint venture partners hold 30%, and the balance is with the public.

The company’s two world-class ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing plants are located at Bangalore and Pune. Products are widely distributed and are conveniently available through a strong countrywide network. In addition to distribution centers, the company has its own sales and marketing offices in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. All offices are staffed with highly trained teams of sales engineers and technical support staff who have rich experience in customer support. The family of distributors carry ready stocks of President products at the main metros.

For over 25 years world-class enclosure products carrying the President brand have been supplied to every prestigious name in Indian business and industry. Products are also being exported to 20 countries, including Australia, USA, Israel and Singapore.

For more information about the company and products, visit APW President’s home page at