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APW President Systems introduces the FlexiBox for LAN-WAN Applications

APW President Systems is offering a sturdy, compact and elegant packaging solution for Network

Systems with LAN-WAN architecture with the introduction of the APW President FlexiBox,

continuing a long tradition of innovation. The FlexiBox is the latest addition to the first family of

networking solutions from President – which includes the UNISERV, CYBERack and Patchrack.

While the Uniserv is optimized for housing computer servers, the Cyberack is ideal for providing a

reliable and secure frame for critical networking infrastructure, while the PatchRack is a highly

versatile 2-post rack for the effective management of cables. The Flexibox addresses the needs

of small equipment clusters in LANs and WANs.

The Flexibox range of wall mount cabinets from APW President is an ideal solution for LAN, WAN

applications. The Flexibox is supplied as a completely-knocked-down (CKD) product packed in a

box, thus making is easy to handle and store. The bolted construction offers flexibility of shipping

in CKD or assembled condition, without any compromise on rigidity.  Cable entry provision on top

and bottom panels offers better cable management.

The latest product introductions extend the company’s already established family of world-class

modular enclosure systems that the company makes in India and exports around the world. APW

President leads the market in standard and custom-designed infrastructure, system management,

operations and interactive interface solutions for various industry sectors such as IT and data

networking, OEM / professional equipment manufacturing, scientific and analytical instrumentation

and process automation.

“As leaders in enclosure systems, we continue to innovate and come up with finely engineered

solutions that are designed to set standards in customer value. We have designed the FlexiBox

specifically for addressing the equipment housing, switching and connectivity issues in local and

wide area network administration,” said E. A. Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

The product is being introduced through the company’s network of sales and service outlets in

India and abroad.

“FlexiBox’s design makes the job easy for LAN and WAN network architects, system installers and

network administrators. It is a flexible modular open concept, which allows all-round accessibility

and ease of maintenance. The versatile features provided with the FlexiBox makes it extremely

easy to transport, install and configure,” said Nilesh Joshi, General Manager – Marketing & Kiosks,

APW President Systems.

“APW President has over 25 years of experience in innovating custom designs for infrastructure,

systems management, operations and interactive interfaces across many application

environments. The FlexiBox reflects our commitment to meeting the immediate as well as the

future challenges of the network administrator,” he added.

About APW President

Headquartered in Mumbai, APW President Systems Limited is a 25-year-old company engaged in

the business of designing, manufacturing and supply of modular enclosure systems for

infrastructure, system management, operations and interactive interfaces (such as touch-screen

technology kiosks). These products offer a versatile packaging and remote facilities management

platform, which can be deployed in business-critical environments where network performance,

reliability, security and ease of operation are essential.

APW President has developed special proficiency in designing and delivering custom designed

infrastructure solutions. Service skills include IT infrastructure consulting, product design,

customization, networking logistics and layout, and support and service packages for IT

administration and strategic development.

For over 25 years, world-class APW President solutions have been accepted by every prestigious

name in Indian business, and they are exported to several countries as well. Products are shipped

to 20 countries, including Australia, USA, Singapore and the Middle East.

Backed by a countrywide network of sales offices, distributors and agents, the company’s highly

trained team of sales engineers and technical support staff has rich experience in customer

support. For more information about the company and products, visit APW President’s home page


For further information, please contact:

APW President Systems Ltd.
R-2, Technopolis Knowledge Park
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093