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APW President introduces new cable management facility for Data Centers

APW President Systems has introduced an innovative cable

management facility, continuing a long tradition of innovation.

Raised floors are an option for installations that include a large number of cables in today’s IT,

Networking and Data Centers. They are more efficient and less costly than overhead systems,

where hot air rises. Instead of running cables through the ceiling, contractors can easily pull them

under the raised flooring. The solutions offer cooling, reduction in the number and volume of

discreet cables, efficient consolidation of physical hardware ports and reduced jumper cable

lengths for above-floor management. Since they offer the appeal of easier upgrading, designers

and contractors are seeking out efficient solutions for adding and removing cabling and

applications through raised-floor systems. But raised floor installations are becoming more


“In the planning of the raised-floor system, cable management is a significant challenge in today’s

IT, Networking and Data Centers. A good cable management system can actually make installation

easier, improve airflow in cabinets and racks, saving power and aiding in equipment cooling,” said

S. Venkatraman, Associate Vice-President, Sales & Services, APW President.

“In this context, the innovative pre-slotted brushed tile system from APW President addresses

several problem areas of installation, including the damage likely due to bending of cables and

cold air leakages from tile slots. It is designed to offer valuable benefits to our Data Center

customers,” he added.

Installation simplified

The pre-slotted brushed tile is a CRCA (Cold Rolled Cold Annealed) fabricated tile, with 4 slots of

70 x 440mm long. These fabricated tiles are designed, similar to the conventional 600 x 600mm

tile in a data Center. The slots on the brushed tile are provided with smooth beading on the edges,

thus preventing any possible damage to the data cable while bending it through. The cutout

profiles on the brushed tiles are covered with nylon bristle brush panels. These brush panels, while

allowing data cables to pass through snugly, can spring back and interlock when there are no

cables, actively sealing the slot and preventing leakage of under floor cold air through the cutout.

The current practice followed in most Data Centers is to make a cutout slot on the conventional

square tile to allow cables below the raised flooring to pass through. This practice, however, has

several drawbacks:

•    Delay: the cabling team has to wait for the cutout slot to be provided on the tile, which

means a loss of time.

•    Inefficient airflow: cold air leakage from the cutout slot.

•    Pollution: the tile cutting spreads fine dust all over the place, adding to pollution

•    Damage: sharp edges on the slot can cut into the cable passing through, thereby

damaging it

•    Non-reusable: no flexibility of relocating the tile with the cutout slot, and hence it cannot

be used more than once.

Advantages of Brushed Tiles

As seen in the picture above, conventional tiles below the cabinet where the cabling is required are

replaced by the pre-slotted brushed tiles. This allows the cables positioned below the raised floor

to enter the cabinet smoothly, with no damage.

•    No pollution: brushed tiles are pre-slotted, thus avoiding the pollution associated with the

on-site cutting of conventional tiles.

•    Air seal: All slots have self-sealing brush panels to prevents cold air escaping through.

•    Quicker installation: replacing conventional tiles with brushed tiles speeds up the cabling

installation process as they are ready to use

•    Reusable: Relocation of the brushed tile is possible, rather than having to scrap the

conventional tile once it has been cut for a specific position.

•    Manageability: cables are routed safely, neatly and in an uncluttered path.

About APW President

Headquartered in Mumbai, APW President Systems Limited is a 25-year-old company engaged in

the business of designing, manufacturing and supplying modular enclosure systems for use in

computer and telecommunication networks, industrial control systems and general electronics

applications. The company also provides Internet based products for the centralized management

of enterprise Data Centers, besides self-service kiosks.

These products and services offer a versatile packaging and remote facilities management

platform, which can be deployed in business-critical environments where network performance,

reliability, security and ease of operation are essential. APW President has developed special

proficiency in designing and delivering custom designed infrastructure solutions. Service skills

include IT infrastructure consulting, product design, customization, networking logistics and layout,

and support.

For over 25 years now world-class solutions from President have been accepted by every

prestigious name in Indian business, and they are also exported to more than a dozen countries –

including Australia, USA, Singapore and the Middle East

Backed by a countrywide network of sales offices, distributors and agents, the company’s highly

trained team of sales engineers and technical support staff has rich experience in application

engineering, packaging solutions and customer support.

For more information about the company and its products, visit APW President’s Home page at

For further information, please contact:

APW President Systems Ltd.
R-2, Technopolis Knowledge Park
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093