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APW President Systems launches the SmartRack – a mini-datacenter for small and mid-size offices

Leader in infrastructure management solutions introduces an innovative offering for the SMB segment

Mumbai APW President Systems has introduced SmartRack, an innovative enclosure solution designed for small and mid size businesses and branch offices. This latest product introduction extends the company’s market reach into the fast-growing small-and-medium business segment. APW President leads the market for standard and custom-designed infrastructure management solutions. These solutions are deployed in various industry sectors such as IT and data networking, OEM / professional equipment manufacturing, scientific and analytical instrumentation and process automation.

“As leaders in infrastructure management systems, we continue to innovate and come up with finely engineered solutions that are designed to set standards in customer value. We have designed the SmartRack as a dedicated solution specifically addressing the networking infrastructure needs of small-and-medium size business users,” said E. A. Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

The SmartRack features attractive styling that blends with modern office environments and is made entirely from high-quality steel. It is the latest addition to the “first family” of reliable and economical energy-saving IT networking solutions from President, which includes the UNISERV, CYBERack, Patchrack, FlexiBox, Server Lifter and CL-Amp.

Apart from housing different models and sizes of servers in a  standard enclosure format, the SmartRack can also accommodate a variety of  electronic equipment – like EPABXs, networking and communication devices that are commonly deployed in the office environment, but do not have a designated  space in the layout. 

“The SmartRack is designed to fit into modern office environments seamlessly, while offering all the economy and functionality of a mini-datacenter. From the outside this enclosure system looks like a high-quality office facility, while within lies a world-leading combination of expertise in rack design, backed by smart thermal and cable management features that allow a variety of servers and electronic equipment to be installed directly in one compact frame, eliminating the need for expensive and segregated data center space,” said S. Venkatraman, Assistant VP – Sales & Service, APW President Systems.

The SmartRack enables deployment of servers and network hardware neatly and efficiently in the office workspace, doing away with the need for dedicated computer rooms. It combines easy cable management and high thermal capacity with exceptional reliability and a truly all-inclusive, plug-and-play specification. A host of unique, installer-friendly features ensure quick and easy systems deployment and the office-quality appearance blends seamlessly into almost any office environment.

The product is being introduced through the company’s network of sales and service outlets in India.

About APW President

Headquartered in Mumbai, APW President Systems Limited is a 28-year-old company with a special proficiency in designing and delivering standard and custom-designed infrastructure management solutions. Service skills include IT infrastructure consulting, product design, customization, networking logistics and layout, and support and service packages for IT administration and strategic development.

For 28 years, world-class APW President solutions have been accepted by every prestigious name in Indian business. The company has customers in many countries, including the Middle East , Australia, Singapore and the US.

Backed by a countrywide network of sales offices, distributors and agents, the company’s highly trained team of sales engineers and technical support staff has rich experience in customer support. For more information about the company and products, visit APW President’s home page at

For further information, please contact:

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