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Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) Announces Change of Name to nlyte® Software

Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) is changing its name to nlyte Software. The company (whose EMEA headquarters is  in London) has a strategic partnership with APW President Systems, a leading provider of data centre infrastructure solutions, to distribute its nlyte™ performance management solution across India and  the Middle East region.

Pramod Agashe, Chief Operating Officer, APW President Systems, said:  “We welcome the change in name, as it increases the brand focus on nlyte, which is recognized as a mature and comprehensive world-class solution for data center performance management. As data center managers are increasingly challenged to take control of the cost and predictability of space, power and cooling,  nlyte gives our data center customers in India and the Middle East the necessary confidence to handle these challenges with ease.  We are delighted to support nlyte, both as a solution and a company,  in its next phase of growth.”

APW President Systems is responsible for engaging new customers in the region, managing local implementation and providing ongoing support.

“Since our inception we have been focused on developing the leading solution for data center planning and performance management, said Jon Temple, President and CEO of nlyte Software.  Our product nlyte, provides the business intelligence needed for data center managers to make enlightened decisions to improve data center efficiency, deploy green IT initiatives and effectively manage this valuable corporate asset.  We felt that the name of the company should align with the name of our product and reflect our expanded vision – a greener world, one enlightened data center at a time.”

Effective immediately, all future business activity will be conducted using the new name. There has been no change in the company’s management or ownership.