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APW President sets up ‘Proof of Concept Lab’ at Bangalore for Coolcentric’s LiquiCool Data Center Solutions

Coolcentric™ is the new division of APW President’s US-based partner, Vette Corp.

APW President Systems (President), has set up a Proof of Concept (POC) Lab at Bangalore for running live demonstrations of Coolcentric’s LiquiCool data center solutions. (see Figure 1 below).

Fig. 1


The US-based Coolcentric (a division of Vette Corp), is a leading global provider of thermal management solutions. Last October, APW President – the pioneer in enclosure systems (which play a vital role in data centers in the telecom, IT/ITES and electronics infrastructure segments) – had announced a partnership with Vette Corp. to distribute a range of advanced thermal management solutions in India.

“We are delighted to be part of the POC Lab initiative by APW President” says Peter Wong, Executive Manager, APAC, Datacom Facilities Division, Coolcentric. “We’re now called Coolcentric, and the name matches our mission:  to deliver the world’s most energy and space efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs”.

Visitors to the POC Lab (located at APW President’s Attibele factory in Bangalore) can get a direct experience of Coolcentric’s data center products.

“Coolcentric’s family of data center liquid cooling products and services help mitigate problems associated with high inlet air temperatures that can cause equipment downtime or premature failure. These high density cooling solutions help clients deal with IT infrastructure that is stretched beyond its limits and allows operators to fully populate individual racks with positive results and dramatic cost savings*,” said S. Venkatraman, Vice  President – Enclosure Solutions and Technical Services, APW President.

(* for more details refer to the Annexure mentioned below) 

“We are pleased to make available the POC Lab to our customers so that they can actually get a live experience of the product in a realistic data center environment. At this site, we can simulate loads upto 3 blade chassis and prove to our customers that it is possible to achieve cooling for these high density loads. The focus is to improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and also to dramatically reduce the operating costs,” said Manish Bhatnagar, Vice President – Cooling Solutions Division, at APW President.

About LiquiCool® Solutions

Coolcentric™ LiquiCool® products are the world’s most energy and space efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs.

Coolcentric’s LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) is a water-cooled door that mounts to the back of server cabinets and cools computer equipment exhaust air before it re-enters the data center operating environment. The RDHx utilizes a low impedance fin and tube heat exchanger that does not have fans, moving parts or electrical connections, resulting in a dramatic reduction of energy consumption normally required for cooling. The adaptability to almost any server rack design makes this product a good fit for both existing legacy data centers as well as planned new facilities.

About Coolcentric (a division of Vette Corp)

Coolcentric was established in 2007, as a division of Vette Corp, to address the issue of increasing power and cooling needs in the Data Center white space. Vette Corp, established in 2004, is the world’s leading supplier of end-to-end thermal management solutions, from the component level to the system level to the facility level.

Using IBM technology, based on over four decades of liquid cooling experience, Coolcentric has developed a rack-based thermal solution that has been proven to be the most effective and efficient solution on the market. An extensive product portfolio coupled with a broad range of service options ensures customers that a turnkey solution can be easily deployed and maintained. Our application and design engineering customer support teams help clients choose the lowest cost solution that maximizes their cooling performance and lowers operating cost.

For additional information about Coolcentric, please visit


In today’s scenario, it is common to find under-utilized racks with only 5-6 kW loads (i.e. 1-2 blade chassis per rack OR 10-12, 1 u servers). Thermal issues due to lack of cooling crop up the moment this limit is crossed.


To optimally utilize a facility which translates to 10 to 20 KW per rack (see Figure 2 above) it has become necessary to use newer technologies – like the Rear Door Heat Exchanger that neutralizes the heat at the rear door before it enters the data center, making it the most efficient technology.

This was proved in the ‘Chill-off’ competition held by third party Sun Micro Systems at Lawrence Berkeley laboratory in San Francisco, USA.

For details of the “Chill-off” check at the site: