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nlyte Software Wins ‘One to Watch Product’ at Annual Green IT Awards

APW President Systems is an nlyte Software strategic partner in India and the Middle East region.

nlyte Software, a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solutions, has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable IT initiatives. The US-based company which has its EMEA headquarters in London, England has received the ‘One to Watch Product’ award at the prestigious Green IT Awards 2010. The award was presented at the London Zoo on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd.

The Green IT Awards are designed to reward outstanding environmental IT solutions, suppliers and projects of 2009, as well as highlight teams that have made a significant contribution to improving the IT industry’s environmental performance.

“The global interest in Green IT and corporate environmental responsibility continues to build as does the inevitability of the legislation that will govern it,” said Jon Temple, CEO of nlyte Software. “This award validates our solution as a way to help reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and at the same time support our vision to create an environmentally responsible world, one data center at a time.”

“We extend our warmest congratulations to nlyte Software for winning this prestigious award. It is our privilege to be associated with nlyte Software as a strategic partner in India and the Middle East region. Our customers would be delighted to note that nlyte’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions are being recognized as a key contributing factor towards a ‘greener’ environment,” said E A Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

Rising energy costs, space limitations, consolidations, migrations, and impending government legislation are the leading pressures for companies to seek comprehensive solutions for optimizing data center power, cooling and space. Consequently, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions are becoming recognized as one of the best ways to help Data Center and Facilities Managers drive down both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“We foresee that demand for this type of software is likely to increase in the coming years as datacenter managers are faced with an array of challenges. These include the need to reduce energy costs, to optimize the datacenter for power and space, to meet compliance and eco-efficiency requirements, to maintain high availability despite growing complexity and changes to the IT and physical infrastructure, and to meet growing demands for IT services,” said Pramod Agashe, Chief Operating Officer, APW President Systems.

nlyte’s Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) suite achieves this by helping companies make more intelligent capacity planning decisions leading to the optimal placement of data center assets and up to a 20% annual reduction in energy costs.