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APW President launches IMPress – a new enclosure solution for today’s Datacenters

APW President Systems is proud to announce the launch of its new and highly innovative IMPress server cabinet family.

The IMPress enclosure solution, designed for the global market, was launched on 15th June 2010 at the CommunicAsia2010 Singapore Expo.

The IMPress product range is an unique enclosure solution especially designed to address the major challenges faced by today’s Datacenter Managers. It is the result of a radically new design approach which sets it apart from conventional designs that have been the standard for decades.  IMPress introduces several highly customer-centric new features, the result of feedback from actual users gathered over many years. 

“The IMPress family for the housing of Servers and Networking equipment has been developed keeping in mind the problems faced by Integrators and Installers.  Based on an “Open Frame” concept, IMPress provides unmatched all-round accessibility, making equipment installation and cable management much easier than is possible with conventional “4 corner pillar” enclosure designs,” said E A Elias, Managing Director, APW President Systems.

The design goals for the IMPress emphasize ease-of-assembly at site, rapid deployment – by making it easy to gather in the pre-installed cables from overhead or under floor – and the orderly routing and termination of the optical fibre cable bunches. Several path-breaking new features and accessory items have been developed especially for the IMPress family so as to provide Datacenter Managers with a complete solution to the problems that they face routinely today.

IMPress from APW President
IMPress cabinets can be assembled at site in 20 minutes or less by a team of two persons using common hand tools. All parts and assemblies are designed for rapid installation and no adjustments are needed. All external covers and panels are latched from inside the cabinet, thus ensuring security. The rear of the cabinet has built-in provision for the installation of power distribution accessories and cable management channels. Here too the “Open Frame” design of the IMPress allows these accessories to be located at the extreme sides of the cabinet, leaving the centre space clear for the unimpeded flow of hot exhaust air from the equipment towards the fully perforated rear doors.  

IMPress Cabling Frame
The IMPress Cabling Frame, which is being introduced with the IMPress cabinet, will be of particular interest to Datacenter Managers. It is designed to be constructed at site from a kit and fits between two 600mm wide Server cabinets so as to form a 200mm wide compartment between them. Extensive cable management facilities are provided within the Cabling Frame for the orderly and safe routing and management of optical fibre cable bunches. Front and rear doors, that open either way, can be unlatched only after gaining access through the adjoining cabinets, thus maintaining the high level of security that is a feature of the IMPress.

The IMPress Cabling Frame eliminates the need to have 800mm wide networking cabinets solely for the housing and distribution of cables to Server Cabinets. This makes it possible for Datacenter planners to standardise on just one style of cabinet instead of two, and can also lead to savings in valuable floor space.

David HorneThe IMPress family is a highly engineered and feature-rich enclosure solution which is the result of many years of experience in the industry. APW President has been assisted in this project by David Horne, who was the long serving Head of Design at APW Electronics UK, formerly Vero Electronics.

David has long been recognized as one of the top designers in the enclosure industry and was responsible for evolving the Imrak and Imserv range of cabinets with their distinctive design styling, which has since been replicated world-wide by the enclosure industry. David’s designs are based on simplicity in approach, clarity of purpose and an overall elegance – all of which are visible in the clean and elegant looks of the IMPress cabinet.