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APW President Systems widens Channel capability with products now available Online at

APW President Systems Widens Channel Capability with Products Now Available Online at


APW President Systems is widening its distribution reach and supply capability to channel partners and customers by making available a selection of its products through the online sales order booking portal –

Main Announcement

With the objective of streamlining distribution and improving channel and customer relationships, APW President Systems is introducing a selection of its quality products for online sales order booking on the Internet through the web portal –

The online sales order booking portal provides effective support to both distributors and customers by offering multiple benefits.

  • Higher visibility. Higher inventory visibility and quicker access to product data across the distribution channels enables faster and more accurate sales management
  •  Improved retail support. Meeting the distribution service level expectations of organized retail sales outlets
  • Better promotional management. Effective management of promotions, backed by better planning, timely data to restructure the promotions, and speedier settling of payouts to channel partners
  • Market knowledge. Understanding market trends and customer needs analysis through online feedback 
  • Product launch platform.  Enabling new product introduction and monitoring – backed by customer research and appropriate promotional support

“We consider the online sales order booking portal to be a vital tool that provides the opportunity, not only for better sales management, but for gradually building a vital two-way relationship with our distributors as well as customers.  We expect to leverage the digital medium in several ways – as a cost-effective and user-friendly portal where channel partners and our internal teams are able to retrieve data quickly and easily; as a means to capture and process large volumes of real-time data; as a practical tool to perform complex analyses; and as a scalable window of interaction to include additional channel partners into our existing system,” said Pramod Agashe, Chief Operating Officer, APW President Systems.

Through the web portal, the company expects to efficiently track and manage sales order booking, inventory and market credit of the channel partners on a near real-time basis, thereby enabling accurate target-setting and better stock management.

“President is the first company in India to introduce the option of an online sales order booking management facility for channel partners and customers in the enclosure segment space. The sales portal provides a single interface to our channel partners and end customers, which improves availability and ease-of-buying of President products online,” said Reginald Borges, Business Leader, Retail Products Division, APW President Systems.

With the launch of the online sales order booking portal, the company expects to boost sales for the last quarter of the year 2010-11. The portal has been active since 20th December 2010. Under a start-off incentive scheme, visitors to portal who register between 28th December and 31st January 2011 and complete a purchase will be eligible to receive a surprise gift.

“We are strongly focusing on the retail segment (small-and-medium enterprises and businesses). Along with the sales portal, we have also launched a Partner Relationship program (PRM) which is a web-based application that will help us to interact with channel partners, enabling easy collaboration and exchange of information.” Reginald added.

About APW President Systems

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, APW President Systems Ltd (popularly known as President Systems) is a leader in the server enclosure systems segment, with over 1,000 customers in India and abroad. Over the last 3 decades the company has established a reputation for high quality and reliability of products and services that address the infrastructure requirements of IT / ITES, Telecom and General Electronics customers.