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APW President to showcase INNOVATIVE IT/Networking enclosure solutions at GITEX 2011 (9 -13 October 2011)


APW President to showcase INNOVATIVE IT/Networking enclosure solutions at GITEX 2011

 APW President a pioneer and domain expert in the IT networking and Telecom business segment is now part of Schneider Electric IT Business. Schneider Electric, a global company with worldwide operations in more than 100 countries.  

 “Yet another year of participation at GITEX!! This time, we are proud to be present as an integral part of Schneider Electric, a company which is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all, its exemplary quality,” says Pramod Agashe, Managing Director.

 At GITEX 2011, APW President will be showcasing a range of best-in-class innovative solutions for integrated data center infrastructure management. The Datacenter and Networking solutions on display include the IMPress networking closet, SmartRack and the Flexibox combined with APC by Schneider range of world-class solutions.

 Witness best in class products and solutions from APW President at GITEX

 APW President to showcase, IMPress a highly engineered and feature-rich enclosure solution, a result of many years experience in the industry and understanding Data Center customers future requirements and needs.

 Ideal for data centers where high density cabling needs to be structured managed effectively. IMPress features the pathbreaking “IMPress Cabling Closet” an extensive cable management facility for orderly and safe routing and management of cable bunches.

 APW President is also showcasing a new improved version of its popular IMRACK 700 design enclosure, now to roll out under a new brand name “SmartRack”. New   added features include increased load bearing capacity, enhanced access control options, multi-vendor PDU installation capability and good aesthetic looks.

 “Flexibox” is a unique Wall-mount cabinet which can be shipped in complete knock down (CKD) packaging, best suited for LAN/WAN networking application. CKD packaging provides substantial benefits to customers by saving huge storage and logistics costs during project execution.