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“APW President Enclosures Enjoy 86 % Brand Loyalty in Small Enterprises” as per PCQuest Users’ Choice Survey (2011)

“APW President Enclosures Enjoy 86 % Brand Loyalty in Small Enterprises” as per PCQuest Users’ Choice Survey (2011)

The survey reached out to 415 IT decision makers across 8 Indian cities and 8 industry verticals – and aimed to identify the best IT brands across 30+ categories for SMEs and large enterprises

The PCQuest Users’ Choice Survey (2011) has found that “APW President Enclosures Enjoy 86 % Brand Loyalty in Small Enterprises.” As the survey report indicates:
APC enjoys the highest brand loyalty in 100-499 employee enterprises, with 95% of those currently using APC saying that they’re likely to stay with the brand in the future as well. APW President follows suite at 86% brand loyalty.

Survey Significance
The PC Quest Users’ Choice awards are decided based on a survey that determines the mind share that various IT brands enjoy in the minds of IT decision makers, who decide what IT hardware, software, services, and solutions to buy for their organizations. This mind share is by responses to five very simple questions – which IT brands come to top of mind, which ones do users currently own and why, and which IT brands are they likely to buy in the future, and why.
The Users’ Choice awards therefore acts as a ready reference for all users who want to know which IT products should they consider buying. For IT product vendors, it serves as an eye-opener because it helps them understand where their brand really stands viz-a-viz competition in the users’ minds.

Thanks to Our Partners & Customers!
The PC Quest Users’ Choice awards is a reaffirmation of how our many business partners, as well as customers, have helped in making the APW President brand the leader in the enclosure segment.
We would like to thank you for being a valued supporter and stakeholder of the APW President brand. We consider the PC Quest survey to be a reflection of our relationship, and would like to deepen this by continually improving our products and services by aligning closely with your organization’s business objectives.
As you may be aware, APW President Systems Ltd. and Schneider Electric have recently joined forces with Schneider Electric acquiring 75% stake in APW President. We look forward to playing a more active role in 2012 in enabling you to get more out of our expanded global stature under the Schneider Electric banner – to meet your business requirements.
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